Hate crime

Hate Crime

If you’ve experienced an act of violence or hostility because of who you are or someone thinks you are, you may have been the victim of a hate incident or hate crime.

Hate incidents and hate crime happen because of prejudice or hostility based on a person’s disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or transgender identity.

The law considers hate incidents and hate crime to be particularly serious.

How can I report a Hate Crime?

You can report a Hate Crime in three ways:

  1. Directly to the police using 999 if it is an emergency or 111 if it isn’t.
  2. On-line at True vision.
  3. To a Hate Incident Reporting Centre. West Yorkshire Police, in partnership with Calderdale Council and Calderdale Hate Crime Partnership have established Third Party Hate Incident Reporting Centres to encourage victims of racist, homophobic, disability and faith based incidents to report at a location of their choice. This initiative is designed to improve access and provide alternative venues (in addition to Police Stations), for the reporting and recording of hate incidents.